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We’re glad you found our website, but we hope you’ll find us in real life.  

Coming to a Pop-Up Near You...Maybe

We’re based in  Nashville, Tennessee and we love interacting with live music, culture, and life. We hope you'll join us at a festival, fair, or pop-up location soon. 

Here's where we hope to be:

Festivals and Pop-Up Locations:
    • November 24, 2019 - St. Bartholomew's (St. B's) Episcopal Church Fall Craft Fair

    Find Us At a Middle Tennessee Shop:

    • St. Bartholomew's (St. B's) Episcopal Church Gift Store, Nashville, TN

    Are you a vendor who would like to carry items from Cognizant Creative? Contact Us for information about selling items from Cognizant Creative.

    Past Events:

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    Call: (615) 412-9125