Artist Statement

Cognizant Creative is the avenue where Artist Tosh Williams showcases her art and crafts, and design projects.

About Tosh

Tosh is a Middle Tennessee artist who enjoys surrounding herself with an eclectic mix of inspiration for her figurative and non-representational works.   After receiving her BFA in graphic design, painting and art history from Middle Tennessee State University, she began working as a freelance designer, boutique retail manager and administrator before receiving her MBA from Bethel University in 2013 and later completing a BS in Journalism as a Public Relations major. Currently, she conducts life by day as a marketing professional while spending other waking hours as the owner of Cognizant Creative, a lifestyle brand working to change the world one piece at a time by donating a portion of each sale to environmental and cultural preservation, education and the well being of those facing socioeconomic and health challenges.

In her creative works, Tosh strives to reference the old while creating the new.  She describes her work as “expressive, jagged around the edges and unapologetic,” and enjoys experimenting with textures.  Her work often features “found objects” as surface materials. She states that “we should never forget our past or allow it to sacrifice our future.  Our experiences today are the direct result of other lives that came before us. I love found materials because they have their own story which can be incorporated into a new narrative.”

Tosh paints in oil, ink and acrylic and designs functional items meant to make day to day life better with a creative splash. Her favorite subject is the emotional figure, however she finds the act of constructing non-representational works using repurposed objects satisfying.

“I believe art should be theoretically accessible, understandable and enjoyable to the ‘common man/woman.’ I value its ability to communicate ideas across time, culture and demographics, but respect its right to be nothing more than a visual statement.  I love simple graphically striking things as well as thought provoking or emotionally evocative subject matter. In my mind these possibilities are not exclusive to one another.”

Tosh accepts commissions.